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Atmos Energy Gas Service in Dallas County and Collin County, Texas

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Atmos energy gas service customers can count on NTX Plumbing, an Atmos Energy authorized gas dealer, to safely connect your gas service. When you need natural gas connected to your home or business in the Richardson, Plano, Garland, Dallas, Allen, Murphy, McKinney and Frisco communities, NTX Plumbing is your best resource for getting connected.

After you have scheduled your new natural gas service, Atmos will connect the service at the meter. That’s just the first step in connecting your gas service. You will need a qualified technician to connect the gas service from the meter to your home. NTX Plumbing has met the criteria to qualify, including achieving the Responsible Master Plumber designation.

Why do qualifications matter? Because you need to make sure that the gas service in your new home is safe and in good working order. While NTX Plumbing loves it when our customers have DIY success, installing and maintaining gas lines demands the expertise of an approved responsible Master Plumber. We are committed to your safe enjoyment of your Atmos Energy gas service.

Your NTX Plumbing service technician will safely connect your gas service, checking to make sure your existing gas lines are in good repair.  Keeping your home safe and connected to clean, energy efficient natural gas requires specialized know-how and we are happy to provide it.

How can Atmos Energy Gas Service make my home more energy efficient?

If you have Atmos energy gas service in your home and are interested in taking the most advantage of the clean, economical comfort of natural gas, here are some of the appliances and amenities available.

Customers switch from electric appliances to gas appliances for the cost savings and performance these appliances offer.  Most are happy to find that natural gas is budget friendly and kind to the environment.

Want to know more about saving more money with gas? Check out this

Energy Savings calculator

to find out how much money you can save by converting to gas powered appliances.

Reduce energy cost and get better performance with gas appliances

While saving money is important, our customers enjoy their gas appliances because of the lifestyle they get to enjoy.

Gas appliances typically get the job done faster and offer a wide range of opportunities to customize your home for year round enjoyment, both indoors and out.

Cooking with gas: stoves, ranges and ovens

Serious cooks demand gas appliances because of the superior control of cooking temperatures it gives them. Even if you aren’t a professional cook, you can create superior results with all your favorite recipes when you cook with gas.

Gas stoves, ranges and ovens reach cooking temperature faster, cool down faster and are easier to clean than comparable electric models.

In addition to superior performance, gas cooking appliances last longer and require less maintenance than their electric counterparts.

Gas water heaters:

NTX Plumbing is your resource for gas water heaters. We can install your new gas Tankless Water heater (which we recommend) or provide you with a new tank hot water heater if that is what best suits your needs.

A gas Tankless Water Heater reduces energy consumption (and cost) while providing hot water on demand, reducing water waste and reducing carbon emissions.

Gas dryers:

Did you know that you can significantly reduce your energy costs by converting to a gas dryer? Gas clothes dryers are economical and efficient, drying your clothes quickly and at less cost per load.

Heating systems:

Gas furnaces are the most economical way to keep your indoor temperature comfortable without breaking the bank. As an Atmos Energy gas service customer, you have options to help make your home more efficient while maintaining comfort year round.

Supplemental Heating with Gas Logs and Fireplaces:

Who doesn't love a cozy evening by the fire? A gas log or gas fireplace insert provides a pleasing atmosphere, chasing the evening chill in fall and spring, and providing supplemental heat during the coldest days of winter.

Many homes have a wood burning fireplace that goes unused. Who wants to haul wood in and ashes out?

When you have a Atmos Energy gas service in your home, a beautiful, inviting fire in your fireplace is as easy as turning on a light switch.

Gas logs and gas fireplaces aren't just for creating a cozy family room. They are the perfect addition to your patio to extend the months you can enjoy outdoor living.

Atmos Energy Rebates make projects more affordable

When planning a home improvement project, available rebates can make needed upgrades more affordable. Because of their dedication to helping homeowners save money and energy, there may be rebates for the following home appliances:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Tank water heaters
  • Tankless water heaters
  • Dryers
  • Smart Thermostats

Visit their website to find out about the Mid-Tex Appliance Rebate Program.

In North Texas, Atmos Energy is your provider of natural gas service. Your NTX Plumbing team has the qualifications and skills to safely connect your service.

Today’s gas appliances are economical and efficient. Most customers find that the cost of purchase and installation is offset by the reduced cost of operation. We are committed to working with you make your home more energy efficient, save you money and increase the comfort and enjoyment you experience in your home. Contact NTX Plumbing about your gas service needs and how to get more efficiency and enjoyment out of your home.


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