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You have a plumbing problem, NTX Plumbing is your solution.Providing great homeowner and commercial services for all your plumbing needs. We are local certified plumbers serving the DFW area.

Our services are competitively priced and 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. We can help with the simplest to the most complicated plumbing jobs. Whether you have a leaky faucet, a toilet repair or replacement, a garbage disposal problem, or any plumbing issue, we are ready to help.


Understanding About Gas Situations

From a gas leak, replacing a broken hot water heater, to installing a new tankless hot water heater, we are there for you. We are able to help in any area of your gas needs.


Collaborating On Plumbing Projects

Want to remodel your bathroom, shower or kitchen? We can help make your dreams come true. Call for free in-home consultation and explore a suite of remodeling options for your home.


Finding The Right Team

If you have a leak under your foundation, you need our service. Without a lot of experience and expertise with slab leaks, you could spend a lot more money than necessary. We specialize in this type of leak and have the equipment to find and repair slab leaks or sewer leaks.


No Need For A Cold Shower

No hot water will make your wife hot! We repair many hot water heaters. If unable to repair, we install a new hot water heater. We also repair and install tankless hot water heaters.

As a leading plumbing company that specializes in Tankless Water Heater installation and service, switching to one can improve on water heating bills. Give us a buzz at 972.836.9740 to understand on how soon you can save money and live in a stress free home without having to worry if your current water heater will flood.


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